Aroma Gardens Landscape Design

Aroma gardens landscape design means a garden landscape that is well designed blowing fragrant aroma throughout the garden. Aroma that is created by flowers like roses, jasmine, lilies and more. A few things to be considered while designing your landscape are – outdoor furniture, sitting areas that provide relaxation, garden arbors, that create an elegant […]

Garden Tips and Tricks

Setup  / Assembly Take an inventory of all items when you receive your Tower Garden. Test both the pump and the timer to ensure it’s working properly.  If you find a defect, then contact the Tower Garden Customer Care so you can have a replacement shipped immediately. Dry-Assemble the Tower to make sure the alignment […]

Small Garden -My Gardening Guide

Indoor gardening can have many advantages and may depend on what part of the globe you live in from a weather perspective or what you are trying to get out of it. Having the garden indoors or even a few garden boxes indoors can soothe the souls of many green finger enthusiasts during the cold […]