Garden Tips and Tricks

Garden Tips and Tricks

Setup  / Assembly

  • Take an inventory of all items when you receive your Tower Garden.
  • Test both the pump and the timer to ensure it’s working properly.  If you find a defect, then contact the Tower Garden Customer Care so you can have a replacement shipped immediately.
  • Dry-Assemble the Tower to make sure the alignment of the shower cap/top piece will fit properly before securing the metal rods in place.
  • Allow 24-48 Hours for Tap Water to De-Cholorinate by letting the water sit in the sun.
  • Jump Start your Tower Garden by purchasing seedlings that are ready to be planted. 


Useful Tools / Items

  • Create a measuring stick by pouring increments of 5 Gallons in the Tower Garden reservoir and then marking the measurement on the stick up to 20 Gallons.  This will make it easier to quickly test the reservoir to see when you need to fill it again.
  • Purchasing an extra pump can make it easier to drain the reservoir instead of climbing on a ladder and holding a hose at the top of the Tower Garden to drain it.
  • Cord Protector can be useful to keep the cords from getting wet when it rains.
  • Daily
  1. Check for pests and diseases.It is far easier to deal with a few bugs than it is to deal with a massive infestation! By remaining vigilant and giving your tower the quick once over each day you’ll stay ahead of the game. This quick once over should take you less than a minute.  Look for holes in the leaves, bugs on the underside of leaves and little bit of black stuff which could well be worm poop. Also look for changes in the colors of the leaves.  This could indicate a fungus, disease, or simply incorrect pH or normal browning and aging of the leaves.  There is NO NEED to spray as a preventative method.  Just be vigilant.
  • Twice a week
  1. Check water level

It is important to get into the habit of checking your water regularly.  When you first start your Tower with seedlings you will use just a couple of gallons a week.  As the plants get bigger and the temperatures heat up you will start to go through more.  Read this article on adding nutrients so that you don’t end up throwing money away in the summer months!

These are just guidelines. If you are growing a lot of large heavy feeders you will probably have to check it more frequently. Possibly everyday!

2. Check pH

The pH is important for one reason and one reason only.  When the pH goes out of the ideal range the plants are unable to take up nutrients.  Keep your pH between 5.5 and 6.5.  If it drifts outside of this range the first thing you will notice is that your leaves start to yellow.  Now if you check your pH a couple of times a week and it hasn’t changed then go a few extra days before checking it again.  You’ll start to figure out how your water reacts, or doesn’t, to your conditions.  I have personally had to adjust the pH in my towers just a dozen times in over a year.  Others are adjusting theirs a couple of times a week.  One more thing regarding pH.  Be sure to check it AFTER, not before, you have added your minerals.  The minerals are acidic so they will lower the pH slightly.

Again, if you are adding water multiple times a week you will need to check you pH each time you add water. If it doesn’t change much, increase the number of days between each pH test.

3. Give it a clean

Just once a week use an old scrub sponge, toothbrush or other small scrub brush to remove any algae, mineral build up or foliage from the Tower.  It will take just a minute or so if done regularly and will reduce the risk of it staining

  • Monthly
  1. Clean the Filter
  • I’m sure you heard the saying “don’t do as I do, do as I tell you”.  Cleaning the filter is a perfect example of that!
This can be prevented by cleaning the filter regularly, placing the pump at the side of the tub rather than the center and by trimming the roots.  We talk about that below!

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