How Standing Outdoor Fountains Take Your Landscape To Greater Heights

how standing outdoor fountains take your landscape to greater heights

How Standing Outdoor Fountains Take Your Landscape To Greater Heights

It’s rather ironic that despite the large-scale presence of extremely commendable achievements in our lives, our quest for much smaller, but significant things continues unabated. That never-ending search for a modicum of peace and quiet, for instance, is a ubiquitous feature in today’s dog-eat-dog contemporary world.

how standing outdoor fountains take your landscape to greater heights

In a bid to discover Nirvana within the interiors of their home, homeowners leave no stone unturned in creating a decor that stirs your soul. From decorative tabletop accents in the bedroom to the exceptionally artistic outdoor kitchen landscaping ideas, it’s hard to gloss over the paradigm shift in the way we design our indoor spaces.

Bring Alive The Landscape

Why should only our homes reflect a soothing Zen-like calm, the immaculately designed landscape can be equally adept at welcoming you with grace and charm. Classy, opulent concrete statues, winged delights chirping about attractive birdbaths with bamboo shoots, intricately carved urns with floating candles, decorative faucets; outdoor garden decor is certainly on a roll.

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The Eternal Fountain Of Peace

In the cascade of decorative garden ornaments, there’s just one gem that stands tall, really tall. Standing outdoor water fountains make a towering impression, and I just don’t mean it literally. A spectacular centerpiece, it’s hard to take your eyes off outdoor fountains, contemporary or traditional.

The aesthetic value apart, just watching an enchanting outdoor fountain is a wonderful stress-buster. The potent combination of outdoor fountains and lighting is your only ray of hope during scorching summers.

Bronze, ceramic, copper shells, glass, concrete, wood, terracotta, slate, bamboo, fiberglass, rock, resin or granite, despite the diversity in materials in which wall mounted and free standing outdoor fountains are created, they display tremendous uniformity in bringing peace and serenity to your personal space.

A Class Act

A superbly lighted abstract sculpture outdoor fountain creating magic in the patio, a stylish waterfall outdoor garden fountain near the greenhouse or shed or a three tier solar fountain sparkling besides the pool or pond, the sound of a gushing waterfall or a flowing stream creates a dramatic impact instantly.

Classic 3-Tier Designer Fountain
Classic 3-Tier Designer Fountain

Their amazing flexibility in revamping just about any part of the outdoor space has to be seen to be believed. Large outdoor concrete fountains can become the cynosure of all eyes in the sitting area with the same élan with which they transform claustrophobic backyards. Watch how your normally reticent guests are floored by their unique aura.

A Priceless Addition

It’s just not enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the garden that we’re talking here. It could be a DIY outdoor fountain created with dexterity using a bowl, water pump and intrinsic elements of an outdoor waterfall kit or wholesale or discount outdoor water fountains, the escalation in the value of your property will be nothing short of phenomenal.

No More Design Faux Pas

With so much riding on standing outdoor fountains, it’s important that you make a sensible choice. Here are a few tips that’ll ensure that you don’t end up with something that’s a complete wash-out:

  • Standing or wall mounted: The selection process begins with deciding whether you would like to cause a stir with a standing or wall mounted fountain. Hanging fountains on the wall can certainly dispel the stoic calm of concrete patios, but lugging them around may be an issue.
  • Size does matter: At least while choosing outdoor fountains. A giant clam shell outdoor fountain may completely obliterate the coziness of a small landscape. Similarly, you wouldn’t exactly jump with joy when you see how lost and wistful you diminutive outdoor dolphin fountain looks in your massive garden. The right size always creates the right impact.
  • The style quotient: With myriad styles and designs, you’re never hamstrung for lack of options. The opulence of outdoor angel fountains is matched perfectly by the warmth of outdoor slate wall fountains. The roar and tumult that accompanies an outdoor lion fountain is almost certain to leave you speechless. The GM-diet inspired sleek Asian designs ooze style and sophistication from every pore. Whatever your final choice, make sure it blends with the overall theme of the garden.
  • A riot of colors: Whether in the company of refreshingly beautiful flowers or very majestic trees and palms, a colorful outdoor fountain suffuses your mind with bright vibrant images.

Illuminate Your World

So you have an impeccably designed landscape that boasts of a great conversational piece in the form of a magnificent outdoor fountain. But still, the place looks lifeless. I guess you’re still in the dark about the importance of lighting design as an essential element of outdoor landscape lighting.

Light- More Than Just Functional

Lighting design treats light aesthetically, rather than functionally. It’s marvelous how colors, textures and shapes come alive when illuminated artistically. The very special architectural dimensions of the outdoor decor get highlighted brilliantly. Natural features, like trees and flowers also acquire a divine glow. Suddenly, moonlight seems to pale in comparison.

Highlight Every Nook And Corner

Pond lights, accent lights, pathway lights, recessed lights- they are all shining examples of ways to add glitz and glamour to your garden or patio.

There are more outdoor lighting options that add glitter to the outdoor garden decor than just glass light fixtures. Solid copper, brass and options in fiber optic ensure that outdoor landscape lighting shines luminously forever.

For an outdoor environment that combines serenity with the vigor of flowing water, an investment in standing outdoor fountains is just what the doctor ordered. And to set the tone for an elegant and romantic evening, the twinkle of a thousand lights is your only glimmer of hope.

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