Succulent Garden Design

succulent garden design

Succulent Garden Design

You can create a succulent garden in your home without taking the trouble of going to desert parts like North Africa, Australia, or the Middle East. Succulent plants vary to a great extent in texture, form and flower color.

succulent garden design

Therefore there is a lot of potential to design these plants. You can grow these plants in winter indoors where there is an inlet of strong indirect sunlight. These plants bloom in winter or early spring. A standard cactus-potting mix is the best ground to grow them. During summer Aeonium and Greenovia should not be watered as these plants are dormant in the months of summer. The following plants can be grown indoors for succulent gardening :

– Zwarktop – botanical name – Aeonium arboreum ;
– Tom Thumb – botanical name – Kalanchoe blossfel eliana ;
– Kalanchoe eriophylla ;
– Greenovia aurea ;
– Kalanchoe uniflora and
– Aloe derothea.

Chef’s garden is a garden grown by chef for the purpose of growing vegetables, fruits, and other fragrant herbs. This is to serve their purpose of cooking food for the customers in the restaurant and avoiding going to market to buy these groceries. The vegetables and other herbs grown in the chef’s garden include sweet corn, Roma tomatoes, opal basil, green onions, beets, celery, leeks, radishes and carrots.

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How do you control pests in your vegetable garden ? Simple. Use vermicompost or worm compost. This is the latest trend and proven by scientists in experiments. Vermicompost is derived from food waste. This was added to tomato, cabbage and pepper seedlings grown in commercial potting soil. Then the seedlings were exposed to the worms and pests like aphids, caterpillars and mealy bugs. Interestingly there was a significant decrease in the vegetable and leaf loss incurred due to exposure to pests. So the scientists concluded that this was the result of adding vermicompost to the soil. They concluded that this was because the vermicompost may have necessary nutrients that were absent in the soil which made seedlings more stress resistant and attracted less pests or may be both.

You can do your own water feature garden designs. You can build your own water fountain. All you need is a small water garden pump that which is submersible, small pond liner, carpenter’s level, a statue of plastic outdoor water fountain and tubing and sand. You can include rocks, aqua plants and additional statuary. You can decorate your pond with rocks. Now, incorporate plants and make a true water garden of your water feature. Before you start digging a hole for your pond make sure you don’t dig across gas lines or power lines. The best location for your water fountain is near a patio. Remove the weeds from the spot you have selected for water fountain and ensure that the ground is level. Now dig a hole and place the pond liner in it. Make a stone path leading to your water fountain. Make a tight fit for the pond liner in the hole. If the hole is too wide, then fill the gap with sand. Put an inch of sand inside the hole to make your pond liner stand an inch above ground level to avoid dirt and other particles falling into it. Now place the pond liner in the hole. Measure its level by using a carpenter’s level. If it is not level then remove it and adjust the sand you have filled in the hole. Now, the decorative point of your fountain is the statue. So, make sure you buy an attractive one. Drill a hole at the bottom and the top just large enough for you to insert the plastic tubing. Now, fill the pond liner with water. Place the pump in the water. Keep the plug end of the pump out of the water to ensure it is dry. Make sure the pump is submersed to keep it cool while it is running or else there may be chances of the pump getting damaged due to over heat while running. Attach one end of the plastic tubing that is popping out from the bottom to the discharge adapter of the pump. Now, place the decorative statue in a preplanned position above the pond liner. Plug in the pump and switch it on and enjoy the view of water falling from the fountain. Adjust the water fountain statue in such a way that the jet follows it wherever it is placed. If the water drops at the edge rather than in the middle then you may lose out water quickly and as a result you have to refill the pond frequently. After these adjustments are made you can decorate your water fountain the way you way you want it to be decorated. Decorate it with rocks, water plants and additional statues and make your water fountain look as natural as possible.

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There are a number of ways to make a compost heap. There are a number of theories telling how they should be treated. Adequate drainage and aeration and sufficient moisture are two important points which are necessary to succeed in making compost. This supplies the garden soil with the necessary organic matter. This in turn improves the structure of soil, gives rise to strong root system and retains moisture. Vegetable waste that is well -rotten can be used as mulch around plants and between vegetable rows. Heaps of compost material can look untidy and ugly. Fortunately the material can be contained efficiently and neatly. Do not put compost material in a damp area. It will turn offensive. To store a compost heap bin can be constructed. In the construction process, where looks does not matter, old sheets of corrugated iron can be used. Bacteria and fungi cause the decomposition of the waste material. Nitrogen is the food that bacteria depends upon. So, the rate of decomposition can be increased by supplying readily available amounts of nitrogen. Ammonium Sulfate and Nitro – chalk serve this purpose. Put fresh layers of good quality animal manure amidst the layers of garden waste. This is another natural method of supplying nitrogen. The contents of a manure can be turned after 3-4 weeks. Damp weather and a little warm temperature hurries up the process of decay. Autumn and spring periods witness the peak of decay for the manure. Do not expose the compost for rain for longer periods. Because much of the manure will be lost in this way. To store compost, shed with open sides with a temporary roof is suitable. There is no one opinion regarding the period the compost should be stored before it is used. It must be kept for as long a period where in the ingredients of which it is made up of should become indistinguishable. It will take about 4-6 weeks for soft refuse to decay in warm weather but it takes around 3-4 months for a total decomposition in winter. The decomposition period will be longer if the refuse is tougher or harder. The soil should be moist. Or else even the best of soils in texture and content is useless. Natural rain is the source of all the water that a garden needs. Only during the periods of drought artificial watering becomes necessary.

succulent garden design

There are many advantages of raised bed gardening like :

– Avoids soil compaction.
– You can place your plants closer to each other and hence increase the output of your garden.
– Excess moisture is drained away in this type and this helps the plants roots to breathe.
– You can exercise easy soil control over this type of gardening as you can vary them easily from bed to bed. If the top soil is thin then this type of gardening is the only alternative.
– Application of fertilizer compost, water, mulch, etc. is easy as it can be applied to the raised beds.
– Different studies have shown that this type of garden yields 2 times the produce of ordinary garden.
– You can do your gardening comfortably from the garden path. You need not bend over to trim the plants or pull out weeds. You can sit on a stool and do your gardening !
– This type of gardening brings more geometry and order in your garden.
– This type of garden results in extension of your garden season. They get warmed up little sooner in the spring and stay productive during the fall.

Mail box garden design refers to the garden that is grown around your mailbox. This takes real tough plants to endure the difficult growing conditions around a street-side mail box. Plants like perennials are suitable for this kind of location as they have to withstand the sun and tolerate a drought. The plants here should not grow more than 2′ in height as it can block your view of the mail box. The garden around the mail box should be grown in such a way that it should look inviting to you everyday, even if you do not receive any mails.

You can grow good plants in your garden. You can do this while you are housekeeping. Some of the plants that can be grown are Penstemon, Clematis alpina, C. Macropetala, Nasturtium, are all flowering plants that can be grown in your garden. Select the plants based on their flower color. Many garden centers and nurseries are able to offer a number of these varieties, in the form of flower for the purpose of planting now. Nasturtium is a plant that has color all through the summer. It is one of the cheap bedding plants for baskets, garden and other containers.

Raised beds for growing herbs is another way to grow this smelly, good odoured herbs for many purposes. These herbs are grown for the purpose of usage in both culinary and medicinal areas. In culinary, these items are used as they are good for health where as in medicinal field these herbs are used as they have miraculous curing properties. The advantage of raised bed garden design over the ordinary garden design is that the former yields twice the quantity of ordinary gardening. You can also avoid bending and thus avoiding back ache while doing this type of gardening. One more advantage of this type of gardening is that you can place the herbs nearer to each other thus increasing the productivity.

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