Best cordless drill 2020 – Which is the best cordless drill?

Since you came to this site, I will assume you are looking to buy a cordless drill. With so many drills to pick from, the question is, “what is the best cordless drills to buy?”

Best cordless drill
Best cordless drill

The best cordless drill doesn’t have to be the most expensive one or the drill that has the most features. The best cordless drill for you may not be the same as it is for other shoppers.

You have your own reason to buy a cordless drill. That reason may be totally different than the reason given by most other cordless drill shoppers.

Some will be totally motivated by price, while others will be looking for specific features. Depending on the exact use, some will make their determination based on the size of the drill they need.

Your choice may be based on one of these reasons or on all of the above.

I know how frustrating it is choosing the right drill, so I started this post to help solve that problem. I don’t sell drills, I just do research on them and write about them and give unbiased opinions on which ones I think are the best drills for you.

Cordless Drill Benefits

Benefits of Cordless Drill
Benefits of Cordless Drill

Benefits of Cordless Drill

Cordless drill facilitates us with a mechanism of a powerful electric drill, where we don’t need of being tied to an electric plug outlet. They give us the freedom to move anywhere, hence more suitable and convenient than cabled drills. Cordless drills are good equipment where we avoid need for long cables, they make easier to carry out work in inaccessible areas.

They facilitate us in many aspects and we can have a list of benefits from Cordless drill machines. For an intended purpose, it is very important to search out for the most appropriate type to carry out a different set of tasks.

There is a wide range of cordless drills that can vary from each other with respect to their functions and prices. They have a battery technology that makes them expensive than ordinary drills. Cordless drills have higher utility and they are becoming more attractive and appealing.

Cordless drills facilitate us with many great benefits.  A list of their benefits is described below


This is one of the most obvious advantages. No more need for a long electronic cable across a building. It greatly eliminates confusion and potential danger that such electronic cable signifies.  Remote from electricity can easily be accessed in order to perform outdoor tasks. They are also best and convenient for many awkward areas like under sinks, the areas inside cupboards, the areas up the ladders, other areas that are on height. Here the absence of cable makes construction and repairing tasks safe and trouble-free.

Built-in LED Work Light

Cordless drills take full advantage and enhance their flexibility and usability be providing an LED work light. It makes the task easier in dark areas. LED work light makes the cordless drill more convenient and ensures a variety of hassle-free drilling tasks in various circumstances.

Extended Battery Life

The advanced cordless drills are available with the latest lithium-ion battery technology. This technology is already being used for mobile phones.  Cordless drills have high energy density and that is the reason lithium-ion battery is very popular in recent cordless drills. This latest technology facilitates cordless drills with better overall battery capacity. That is because, with extended battery life, a cordless drill serves for longer.

Spare Battery Pack

The latest cordless drills are available with the option of having a spare battery pack. This is because if first run out in the middle of the operation than another battery continues that task without delay. Cordless drills are also available with “smart” charges, which can charge the battery in less time. This pack maintains the optimum power of the battery, hence extend the battery life.

Hammer Action

We can get the cordless drill with special hammer action. This action is helping to add greater momentum to the penetrating power of the bit. Hammer action is a pulsing mechanism that improves the ability of a drill to penetrate hard and tough areas.

Gears for Increased Torque

This is one of the very influential benefits of cordless drills that make many constructions and carpentry jobs and make the tasks done faster and more efficient.  The gears actually optimized for faster and maximum speed, with lower and higher torques. Twisting power with low speed can make some tasks easier such as driving the screws and this mechanism is more convenient with such gears for the torque. Some cordless drills are available with two gears and others with three gears.

Speed Control

The cordless drills also facilitate us with variation in the speed levels. While starting the drilling process we are given with speed control, like at which point a low revolution rate makes the machine much easier to stabilize the bit.

Higher Power Ratings

Cordless drills are available with power ratings that range between 7.2 up to 24 volts. The high power rating, the more powerful the drill will be. This higher power rating of the drill allows it to tackle tougher materials faster with less effort and don’t give any fatigue. With advanced battery technology, the cordless drill is capable of maintaining higher power ratings and this lets the machine perform for longer. This is really the greater productivity of cordless drills.

Greater Versatility

Today’s cordless drills are found to be more versatile than previous drilling machines. They have a variety of features. Most cordless drills come along with drilling kit so that we can have a selection of different drill bits. Some cordless drills that have higher specifications also have keyless SDS chucks. These chucks allow for tough drilling into metals, masonry, and harder surfaces. There are other kits that contain sets of screwdriver heads so that cordless drills can perform tasks in a range of different circumstances.

Cordless drills are more beneficial if we perform the drilling tasks correctly. If cordless drills are not used properly, we can have many problems and difficulties, and we won’t be able to get perfect and up to the mark drilling tasks.

Cordless Drill Buyers Guide

How to Buy the Best Cordless Drill

Whether you want a power tool for professional reasons or just as a home DIYer wanting to do home improvements, choosing the correct tools is essential.

How to Buy the Best Cordless Drill
How to Buy the Best Cordless Drill

I hope that the following will help you in deciding on the correct one.

Is Cordless Better Than Corded?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to both of these types, but generally, cordless is the route for most people.

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The advantages of cordless are not having twisted cables to contend with and they also tend to be smaller, lighter and easier to use in close spaces.


  • More Flexible – easier to use up ladders or in tight areas
  • Safer to use with not having a trailing cord
  • Easy to handle and lightweight

The disadvantages are that you need to remember to keep charging the battery or maybe instead, having to buy two batteries for those longer jobs. To help with this, you will now find that many toolsets do come with two included batteries.


  • Need to regularly recharge the battery
  • Don’t have as much power as a corded tool.

Types of Cordless Drills

The design of cordless drills is such that their construction matches their intended use. A cordless drill/driver provides both a drill and electric screwdriver with a simple change of drill bits. Because this drill is so easy to use, many homeowners prefer it over other designs. The following is a list of the various types of cordless drills and their intended function:

Types of Cordless Drills

The Drill Driver

This is the most versatile drill and probably the best cordless drill to start with. It is used to drill holes and also to drive screws. This drill is the most common power tool most DIY people have in their toolbox.

Cordless Screwdriver

This cordless drill is used for simple jobs such as hanging pictures and shelves on the wall. It works well for light-duty jobs. The electric screwdriver is small, light-weight, and very convenient to use.

Screw Gun

This tool is used for bigger jobs such as hanging drywall or for building a deck. These guns allow you to not only drive screws but also countersink holes. Another feature is the auto-feed of screws into the drill. More heavy-duty cordless drills with sufficient backup batteries will work, but it may be best to have a power cord drill for this purpose. Check everything out first.

Right Angle Drill

This is a great tool when working in very close quarters. This drill is ideal for applications of electrical, plumbing, or cabinetry work. It is the best tool to have when drilling into hard to get to areas.

Power Drill

You can use a cordless drill for this application, but it works better to have a corded drill when you require a significant amount of raw power. Cordless may not be the best for this application.

Impact Driver

The Impact Driver is great for driving large lag screws, or other heavy-duty applications. This drill has three or four times the torque power of a Drill Driver and makes those jobs much easier.

Hammer Drill

When you need to drill into concrete or brick, this kind of drill works best. These drills combine a hammer action to the drilling. As a result of thousands of blows per minute, it pulverizes masonry material, making the drilling much easier and faster.

Size is Another Factor For Cordless Drills

When I say size, I’m talking about the size of the drill shank. There are two common sizes for cordless drills. The most common size is the ¼ inch, which is normally adequate for all of your smaller projects. The drill bits for these drills have to be ¼” in diameter at the base where it fits into the shank. You can also buy drill bits that are larger than ¼” that are designed for the ¼ inch drill. If you are going to use larger bits very much, you may want to get a 3/8 inch cordless drill. Your 3/8 inch drills will have more power than the ¼ inch drills. These larger cordless drills are also larger in size than the ¼ inch drills. They will have a different feel and won’t be able to get into tighter spots. Keep this in mind when deciding which is best for you.

Voltage and Batteries

The voltages tend to vary from 7.2v to 24v. Higher voltage tools give you better performance and more power, which means that you can finish the job faster.

The charge on lower voltage batteries last about the same as higher ones, but you get much more done with the higher voltage due to its increased speed.

Lower voltage tools (like 12v) are ideal if you want to just put up pictures around the house, but for the average home DIYer or professional, you should be looking at 18v or higher. Do bear in mind, the higher the voltage, the higher the costs.


Speed is known as rpm (rotations per minute) and comes with both lower speed settings and higher speed settings. The lower speeds tend to be around 300-400rpm and the higher tend to be 1300-1700rpm.

If possible, buy a tool with a bigger range, as these tools allow you to be able to do a greater range of jobs.

Hammer Action

If you intend on drilling masonry, then you will need to go for a tool with hammer action.

Features to Consider When Buying a Cordless DrillWhen considering cordless drill features, there are some basic features you should always look for. One of those features is a reversible motor that allows you to back out screws. A dual-speed motor is also very important. Make sure the drill has a high and low switch. An adjustable clutch will also help keep you from driving screws too deeply into your material when it is adjusted properly.

Additional Features to Consider With a Cordless Drill

Depending on your applications, check out the chuck size. Some drills hold bits that are 3/8” in diameter. Some of the larger models will hold drill bits up to ½” in diameter. These would be included in a hammer drill. Again, this would be for a masonry application.

Many recent models of cordless drills employ a “smart charger” that will help extend battery life by optimizing the way the batteries are charged.  With these chargers, they switch to a trickle-charge mode when they get close to a full charge. This maxes out the battery capacity.

Many models of cordless drills include two batteries with the drill along with a battery charger. This isn’t a requirement but I wouldn’t buy one without them. With two batteries, you can be using one and charging the other at the same time.

An added feature on some cordless drills is built-in LED lights. These lights work great when working in dim places. You will thank yourself for including that when choosing your cordless drill.

Another feature that is worth having is a pressure-sensitive trigger. I believe this is worth paying a little more to have. With these criteria in mind, you can now proceed to choose the best cordless drill for you.

How do You Choose the Best Cordless Drill?

Many cordless drills on the market today do have all of the features discussed above. If you have two or more drills that are equal when comparing those features, there are some differences to look for in making your determination. Here is something else to look for: when the batteries are the same voltage, look for the mAh rating. The mAh stands for milliamp-hour and represents the amount of current the battery can deliver. The battery with a higher mAh number will deliver longer life before needing to be recharged.

Another thing to check out prior to buying is the feel of the drill. This may sound silly, but hold it in a number of positions, such as over your head, to simulate the various positions you may be in when drilling. Ask yourself how the drill feels in each of those positions. Also, consider how long you could hold the drill in that position if you had to for an extended time.

The higher the voltage of your battery, the more power it will deliver. A very popular model is an 18v cordless drill. This is better than a 12v cordless drill when it comes to battery life. These are things to consider when deciding which of the cordless drills is best for you.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding which battery voltage is best for your specific applications

Small Home Projects – the best voltage ranges between 9.6v and 12v. This would include drilling screws into wood, hanging curtain rods, pictures or light fixtures.

Medium Home Projects – the best voltage ranges between 12v and 14.4v. With this voltage rating, you can do most general home maintenance projects such as drilling into wood or metal and driving screws into wood. You will do fine on weekend DIY projects.

Serious DIY Projects – the best voltage ranges between 14.4v and 18v. With this cordless drill, you can do home remodeling and building of decks along with all kinds of woodworking projects. You can drive large lag screws or fasteners with no problem.

Professional Daily Use – the best voltage ranges between 18v and 24v. This tool is suitable for plumbers, carpenters, and electricians who do heavy-duty drilling and fastening.

Hopefully, this information has been helpful for you in choosing the cordless drills that are best for your applications. See our cordless drill reviews for specific information on the various cordless drills that are available for sale. I hope you get a lot of good out of the drill you choose. Happy projects!

Before you buy

Before you buy, decide on the following:

  • What will you be using the tool for? This will dictate the voltage you will need, but 18v and above are the best choice.
  • Do you need one or two batteries? If you need two, look for sets that come with two batteries included.
  • Will you be drilling masonry? If so, you need to include the hammer features.
  • Do you need a quick charger? If so, go for one which recharges in around 30 minutes.

The best advice Meepo can give you is to read the best cordless drill reviews or consumer reviews (the people who have actually used the product). This will tell you if there are any issued with regards to the best cordless drill 2020 or if it is generally well thought of.