German Cockroach Bait – 3 Ways to Kill German Roaches

German cockroach bait – While Roach Bait far superior to sprays and foggers to get control of German Roaches

Buy best roach killer with natural pest and the reason for this is that it provides a secondary kill or a horizontal kill effect. Let me explain.

German roaches
German roaches

Roaches have really disgusting habits and I warn you this is pretty disgusting but roaches will defecate. Roaches will eat the other roaches vomit and roaches will eat other roaches when they die. Understanding these three principles about roaches will help you get control by using their own biology against them. Here’s what happens?

When you spray and when you use foggers you’re basically contaminating the area and repelling them. So you need to stop doing that if you have a German roach problem. They simply won’t work to get rid of your problem. It’s a temporary solution for something that is looming that is much bigger.

Now what you need to do is? First, you need to use baits and a bait process. And with baiting what will happen if you put a gel bait out?

A German Roach will eat that bait. They will then have usually enough time to get back to their nest and die there. When they die they will produce a vomit and they will regurgitate that bait. For some reason, regurgitated bait is delicious to other roaches. They will eat that regurgitated bait and they will also die. So you see it’s a domino effect and it does take down the population.

The second thing that happens is when that roach dies, the adult roaches will take that roach to open up the stomach and eat the stomach contents that have that bait in it producing the same effect.

The third way that it happens is through the fecal matter – vacation, when the roach defecates that product 50% to 90% of that active ingredient, is inside that fecal matter. When baby roaches are born and different in stars they will eat the fecal matter that is produced and they will die. Producing a secondary kill effect and you can see now how it completely gets rid of the infestation and not just kill one roach. This method will produce up to a hundred percent German roach control if done correctly.

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And one of the articles we’re going to show you how we do this by providing a professional service. If you are having a roach problem and you can afford a professional service you should do so. If not, our article is going to show you how to do a complete process to get rid of a German roach population in your home and not deal with that problem anymore.

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