German Roach Control – How to Get Rid of German Roaches

Today,  Meepo – Top Product Reviews are going to be talking about the German Roach. Best way to get rid of german roaches with roach bait, where to place roach bait.

German Roach Control
German Roach Control

How to Get Rid of German Roaches.

Now the German Roach is primarily going to be living in the kitchen cabinets. When you’re looking for a German Roach, you’re going to take a flashlight and go look up in your cabinets.

The tell-tale sign of the German Roach is when you turn on a light on. In the middle of the night, they’re scattering and also the droppings. A lot of times people come in here and they say well I don’t see any droppings.

I said what do you look, you have to take a flashlight, you go up into your cabinets. And you’re going to round the hinges up underneath the some of your plates.

If you see small specks of dirt, some black pepper or coffee grounds and you might think it’s just dirt. But that is the fecal or the defection of the German Roach.

So back in the past, back in the day, we sprayed for German roaches in the last 15 years the different baits have been excellent for the German Roach. It’s almost too easy to kill them now. We recommend gel baits or place pack baits for roach extermination.

Personally, I prefer the gel baits, gel baits act as a stomach poison to help eliminate German Roaches. I think the roaches eat the gel baits a lot more. Now the key to the gel baits is to put it where the roaches are. So how do you do that, well you look for where the droppings are and that’s where you want to put the bait.

We take a bait such as the Invict Gold Cockroach German Roach Control Gel Bait. The best baits out there and use roach bait gel on bait plates apply, directly to cabinets. We can put it in little bait stations such as this or we can actually just put it in the cabinets in spots about the size of a dime.

Again we’re putting it where the roaches are. This bait comes out is almost if you look at it it’s got the consistency, consistency of toothpaste and the roaches love it. How does roach bait gel kill? You can put this bait where the roaches are and they just love it or another thing that we find is a key to Roach control and to make this work faster, we like to use a birth control.

How to Get Rid of German Roaches
How to Get Rid of German Roaches

What we call in our industry the fancy name for the IGR: Insect Growth Regulator. Now what the IGR do is besides as a birth control for the roaches. It enhances them to eat more bait. Now there are several birth controls out there, we find in our kit that now there are several birth controls out there.

We find in our kit that InVict Gold German Roach Control Bait Gel. The gentrol point source is a very good product, it looks like this. Gentrol contains a hormone that makes roaches sterile.

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There’s a capsule in there, a little vial and all you have to do is press down on that little bit of a vial it breaks. And it passes over this little cotton pad. Now typical kitchen might only need two to three baits of the Gentrol point sources.

What it does is a real light molecule it travels around and it enhances the feeding of the German Roach. Now what we also like to remember in German roaches and this is particularly true for the apartment buildings the people that have roaches constantly.

You need to switch your products around from time to time, rotate your baits and that’s about all for German roaches. Now the key to remember I forgot to tell you when you have German roaches. You also want to make sure that you do not spray any insecticide on those German on the bait area.

Roaches are sensitive to chemical sprays and will move to other areas of your home. So if you were taken insecticide and spray in the area where the baits are, it’s not going to work. Another very important thing with German Roach control is sanitation.

If you have a lot of greases, if you have a lot of dirty dishes in your sink, I’m sorry the baits not going to work too much. So you need to make sure you clean that up.

Now after you get rid of German roaches, it’s very important that you take some disinfectant, some pine-sol, anything like that and wipe the whole place down because even after the German roaches are gone.

Cockroach allergy is the most common allergy in the US. You’ll have the different allergens that they’ve brought in and this is particularly a medical issue, it’s not really a pest control issue at this point, it’s a medical issue that can cause problems with particular small children and elderly.

We’re going to be talking about American roaches so make sure you get in on that segment.

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