How To Whiten Your Clothes Using The Washing Machine

Would you like to know how to whiten clothing without bleach? Do you want to know how to whiten clothes in the washing machine?

Putting into practice a few simple tricks and using some natural products. It is possible that your white garments remain in perfect condition and without traces of those yellowish spots that make them look old or worn.

The white clothes should be taken care of a bit more than other colors if we do not want them to lose color, its original tone and luminosity over time.

How To Whiten Your Clothes Using The Washing Machine

So it is also important to know how to wash it correctly, either by machine or by hand.

In this article, we show you how to whiten clothes in the washing machine so you can save time and make your clothes look like new. Pay attention!

Tips on how to whiten clothes in the washing machine

  1. Blanching white clothes with baking

To avoid damaging your clothes and to keep them in good condition, a very good option is to use some natural products, which will allow you to wash your laundry in the washing machine directly without damaging it and without having to resort to commercial and chemical solutions.

One of the best home remedies for whitewashing is with baking soda. Its composition is excellent for cleaning garments, removing stains and preventing them from turning yellow thanks to its powerful whitening properties.

Instructions of use

  • You just have to dilute 1 tablespoon of baking soda in 1 glass of water
  • Stir and pour the mixture on the white clothes that are inside the washing machine. You can also add 1/2 cup of baking soda along with the detergent you usually use.
  • Start the wash cycle.
  1. Whiten white clothes with hydrogen peroxide

Whitening clothes with hydrogen peroxide is another effective way to keep the original white of the garments. This product is a great disinfectant and a bleach which is free of chlorine. Hence, it will not damage the tissues and will help you to eliminate those yellowish spots that are not very aesthetic.

Instructions of use

  • Before you start the wash cycle in the machine, simply pour 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide into the washer box next to the detergent you normally use.

  1. Blanching clothes in the washing machine with lemon

The lemon is a citrus fruit with cleaning properties that can be very useful for cleaning the home, but also for clothes. This is because it is also a great natural lightener that works very well on white clothes.

Instructions of use

You can use the lemon to whiten clothes in the washing machine in two different ways:

  • Add 1/4 cup of freshly-squeezed lemon juice in the box next to the detergent.
  • Cut half a lemon and place it inside a white cotton sock.
  • Put the sock in the washing machine next to the other garments. For this remedy to be effective, it is important that you spread the white clothes in the sun for at least 2 hours.
  1. How to whiten clothes with vinegar

Another of the best tricks to whiten clothes that you should know is the one that uses white vinegar. The use of vinegar is effective as a natural bleach because it acts very well against yellowish spots and makes the garments stay white and in good condition for longer. In addition, it refreshes and softens the fabric.

Instructions of use

  • Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar next to the detergent you usually use to wash your clothes. Do not worry about the smell that it can leave on your clothes. After drying, it will have completely disappeared.

How to prepare a natural bleach for washing machine

Finally, we will show you how you can make a super-effective natural bleach washing machine combining the properties of several of the previous products. With this option, you will not need to buy a commercial whitening product and you can use it whenever you want.


  1. 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide
  2. 1 lemon
  3. 2 glasses of water

How to prepare

  1. Slice the lemon into half and squeeze it up to get the juice.
  2. In a container or pot, add water, hydrogen peroxide and freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  3. Mix all the ingredients well and that’s it!
  4. Add the mixture obtained in the rinse cycle of the washing machine.

Tips for washing linen correctly

  1. Separate the garments well: It is essential to classify the clothes correctly before washing and to separate the garments by colors to avoid fading or staining other garments. In the case of laundry, you should only include white clothes. You have to take into account, for example, that the gray or pastel shades are not white and that they should be washed in a light colored wash at another time.
  2. Use cold water in the washings: Try to use cold water in all the washings that you make of white clothes. This, unlike hot water, penetrates the tissues without damaging them, in addition to helping to maintain the original white of the garments.
  3. Avoid the use of bleach: Although many people use bleach to whiten their clothes regularly, the fact is that this product creates yellowish stains on the garments over time. Therefore, it is not advisable to use it to wash clothes that are not stained excessively.
  4. Follow the instructions on the labels: Each fabric may require a different washing program; so, it is always advisable to previously check the garment label and follow the washing instructions indicated therein. In this way, you can keep your clothes always in good condition and you can use them for much longer.
  5. Eliminate difficult stains quickly: This advice is essential for any type of clothing, whether white or colored. If you remove difficult stains quickly, you will prevent dirt from getting embedded into the fabric and then becoming impossible to remove. Keep in mind that there are spots that can be almost impossible to eliminate if you do not clean them as soon as possible.
  6. Lay clothes in the sun: When the washing cycle finishes, you can lay the clothes in the sun rather than dry it in the machine. This way, it wouldn’t remain with a musty odor and most importantly, the UVA rays of the great star contribute in the whitening of the garments.


We hope you have learned one or two ways of blanching your clothing materials without applying bleach. Let us know if you have thoughts on this article: “How to whiten your clothes using the washing machine” . Don’t forget to share this article too.

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