Roaches Drain Killer – How To Stop Roaches From Coming Up The Drain

How to stop roaches from coming up the drain. Roaches drain killer using natural Coconut enzyme process.

This is the cockroach that is going to test today, which is full-grown there’s. Some of them are small like here and then there’s another one over here. This is the new invention that I’m trying to prepare for the cockroach killer in a way, so I’ll try to record this demonstration.

So what I see here is the substance it’s made out of coconut and zines, which is biodegradable. It does not matter if it goes to the drainage close to the canal or to the river that will not affect it. Only only have effect with the cockroach shall hope to be so.

Roaches drain killer
Roaches drain killer

Hopefully, this one will work so right now. Even though I splatter the water, this allows so there’s no effect with the subject just running around right now. You can see that now we could put this one less self-water, then the coconut enzyme and try to fill this one with water and it will stop it’s just like an ordinary, just an ordinary bubble.

But let’s see what happens when we place this water to keep the cockroach. Right now, they’re just running around and they seem to swim. This one is diving in a way still alive, quite strong too. Now, let’s see what’s going to happen here. If ever they’re going to be closed, it was only 26 grams. So if you can see there’s one of them are both dying right now. You look at this right here this one socket.

If you look at that, it’s quite bad, then this one little one which is kind of paralyzed or kind of that and then right over here. You can see this big one right here. It’S the kind of dead too, but there’s one left which is standing mighty, but I don’t know this for long. So what happened? So you could see the subsidies.

Keep on put this away a little bit more, there are only 26 grams. So it’s a just! A demonstration you guys you can see what’s going on here, so just put this water here flood the poll fish. I could see this guy feel strong because of his body still submersion. Now, let’s see what happens when it’s just there, just wait. So kicking down must be an immune with it, but overall there are about five of them just a while ago, and this one is weakened so see that still alive yeah, that’s one left and the rest are dead. It’s kind of weak there, still struggling just remove the pitch they’re there and now is struggling to that.

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Imagine that if it is in the canal that where they live, if they live there and then exposed by these bubbles, probably going to be like this for long. Why not dead it’s kind of stand out is pretty much there. Now, let’s see the rest of the gang Cobra Hasan is only ordinary topwater. Other percents biodegradable. So there’s no problem with the environment using it just draining out. The rest of the gang is only 26 grams and you can see it’s mostly whatever lives there inside that drainage surely die along with it. There you go if you have any roaches in your restaurants. Most likely this will happen, you’ll end up all dead, so thank you for watching. Hopefully, you enjoy this.

If ever you want to have this invention out of the market, you just call me. Thank you very much have a nice day.

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