Water bugs vs Smoky Brown Cockroach and How To Deal With Them

We’re going to talk a little bit about what’s commonly called the water bug actually it’s a species of cockroach called the Smoky Brown Cockroach. Stick Around! Most people tell me that we don’t have cockroaches we have those great big water bugs.

Smoky Brown Cockroach

So it’s a common name people just refer to them as water bugs a lot of time when I’m talking to customers I refer them as water bugs also for understanding one little point about the Smoky Brown cockroach that we need to point out is a difference between it and the smaller German German Roach is normally that you might see in the kitchen like this, you might find them in the cabinets you might find them under the sink the development of the German Roach it carries their young an egg casing and it carries it until like two days before it’s ready to hatch, if that female dies the egg casing will die with it, if you’re not ready to hatch.

The Smoky Brown Cockroach forms an egg in a couple of days deposited somewhere for it to develop and it could take six weeks. It could take six months for that egg to develop where it’s hidden depending on the environment, if it’s a good place so you may get rid of all your adult Smokey Brown Roaches and then have a resurgence later that year maybe even to the next year a lot of the habitat.

The Smoky Brown roaches are looking for is that it is moist and protected and shaded from the Sun and the warm months outside the house pile of the leaf leaves leaf debris old firewood piles, maybe stack some firewood there and it’s and never was used and that falling apart they love that any old building materials you have stacked up around the home anywhere there’s clutter like where you can really maintain the yard like mow it or weed it frequently.

What Does a Cockroach Look Like
What Does a Cockroach Look Like

They love those areas just think of moisture and protection that also goes in to the crawlspace and the attic space of homes many times when we encounter these pests and home could be in the crawlspace just inside that foundation vent up on the sill plate and they hide there in the daytime and they go out in the evenings or when it’s shady or wet right outside it’s close by that they can go forage out there any water leak in the crawl space where there’s a Morse dirt you know they love that dark cool moist also believe it or not I’ve seen large numbers of them in attics typically that’s around there where the gutters are on the corners it might be that your gutters are not cleaned and draining properly and the fascia board there behind together is getting a little moist and you just see a large mass of them huddled up in one corner up there those places also could Harbor.

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The Smoky Brown cockroach ok so you’ve gone around the house and you’ve identified these places and you’ve eliminated them, but you still want to do some treatment around the house there’s a couple of options that you can do a bait treatment with a granular scattered base labeled for a door cockroaches can be easily be applied around the foundation of the home and to some key areas near the home and you can also do a spray application as a perimeter defense around the home with the foundation level another thing to understand about the Smoky Brown Roaches is that they don’t normally want to live in the house normally.

Smokey Brown Cockroach
Smokey Brown Cockroach

They’re outside the house in their natural environment and they just wander in so you may get a few that live like around your water heater closet maybe in the eaves and they come in that way but normally they’re found right up against the house being close proximity to the house we’re going to step outside and show you some of these things where they like to hide and what you can do to prevent them from making a good home next year’s this is an area that is prone to be fully invested with Smokey Brown Roaches have a large mature trees getting dying you’ve got a giant cavity in here and it goes way back in here some of his rotten it holds a lot of moisture and things for the cockroaches to live on and get some shelter in the wintertime and stays moist in there and it can Harbor a lot of Smoky Brown roaches even areas that big trees, maybe just have a big scaly bark areas on them you see them in their common I’ve had many homeowners tell me that they had a dead tree in the yard and they didn’t know it was hollow but when they cut it down it hit the ground and the Smoky Brown roaches scattered everywhere which a spider called action to their home this is the white with the bug man today we covered some details information about the Smoky Brown cockroach to help you know more about it and understand why it’s there what you can do about it, if you enjoyed today’s article please like it make comments below and share this article.

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